1852 - 1945

Berchtwald Dassler

Brechtwald Dassler was born in 1852 in a family of leather merchants in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and died in 1945 during World War II.

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Berchtwald Dassler

History of Dassler

His father, Eckhard, was a leather merchant who was in contact with China. But in his travels, he brings home strange things from all over the world. They had a wealthy family and Brechtwald’s mother (Steffy) was also from a wealthy family. In 1874, at the age of 22, Brechtwald was able to build a washing machine with his father’s help with his creativity and unpacking household items. He was able to gift an industry as a laundry to his family’s servants.

When friends and family saw this device, they were amazed and asked Brechtwald for this device. Brechtwald started making similar devices in his father’s home workshop, and in 1880, the Dassler brand was written on these devices, and little by little, Brechtwald’s workshop product found a commercial status.

In 1907, an electric motor was mounted on it for the first time, and in the same year, it began to produce its first broom.

About Dassler

During the First World War, a part of Dassler’s workshops was destroyed and production was stopped. But in 1920, the factory started working with more power and with the production of more devices, including televisions, refrigerators, radios, brooms, electric kettles, etc.

During the Second World War, Dassler’s workshops were transformed into German weapons factories, and Brechtwald Dassler died at the age of 93 during the war. In 1947, in recognition of Brechtwald’s efforts, his name was placed on the logo again.

Then, in 1954, with the genius of Gerhard Dassler (Brechtwald’s eldest son) at the age of 45, the factory started production again. Gerhard became one of the strongest and most skilled engineers in the world. He used the industrial countries of that time such as England, Germany and Japan to make his products and the motto of quality, design, ecology and technology is quite obvious in the products. Today, the factory has fallen into the hands of Otis Dassler, who, relying on the genius of the world’s experts, has achieved excellent products. Otis was able to turn Dassler into a mother Factory for other brands. Apart from all the achievements, Otis Dassler gathered a team in 2008 to work on artificial intelligence in home appliances and was able to produce smart products.

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Dassler Company

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